Sunday, September 24, 2006

Craft, cats and other unmentionables

I've discovered mitred knitting. Melody Johnson mentions it on her blog and it was one of those 'wow' moments for me that incites scurried activity. A shopping spree was in order so my wool bag is bursting at the seams with yummy colours and I'm all enthused.

Look who followed me into the bathroom.
This is Asta.
She is an evil fiend.
But we love her anyway.

What is this? - you may well ask. This is "Poo tea". Fabulous stuff, really it is.
Steve is very pleased with himself, he's put together bits and bobs and made a neat, tidy and smell-free way to brew yummy liquid fertiliser. Basically it's a teabag of chook poo suspended in a water container with a tap at the bottom. Quarter fill the watering can, top it up with water and the pot plants are smiling. Meshell on the other hand, is puking. She's not a gardener.


your daughter said...

Why must you mention poo tea in public? =P

Anonymous said...

Nice work Dy. Simple and interesting.
Yay for poo tea, I have cow poo tea, tried stinging nettle tea but it fermented, the smell was digusting. Poo is a much better medium:)

June said...

Ah hah--now I know what "poo tea" means as referred to in Meshell's blog today. It certainly incited my interest--hmmmm...wonder if that says something untoward about me.

Great new blog, by the way, I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

Poo tea is amazing. We have a big plastic bathtub of it with a little pump to circulate it as it brews in the sun. We call it poop soup. It smells awful, but whenever I put it on the vegetables
they are almost instantly invigorated. When you check them the next morning, they are just so excited to be alive, stretching up to the sun as far as they can. Love the stuff.