Saturday, September 30, 2006

Friends and tipsy Cross stitch

Smiles all round after a yummy lunch and a nice glass of Goundrey unwooded chardonnay, these are my lovely friends Wilma, Anne, Angie and Leanne. Every Monday afternoon we get together for our sewing group where we cross stitch, solve the world's problems and some of our own as well. And every 3 months we take ourselves out to lunch to celebrate, just for the heck of it.

And speaking of cross stitch, these are my last two completed projects.

This old fashioned sewing room cross stitch came in a kit complete with the little charms to sew on later. I added a few of my own to make it 'mine' if you know what I mean. I quite like cross stitches like this, where the picture is broken up rather than covering the entire cloth. You can sort of 'tick off' each section when complete, makes for self satisfaction.

This Christmas stocking was a secret present for my quilty friend Pennie. It was the first time I'd cross stitched on linen and I really like the effect. A little more difficult to do but by using a sharper needle than usual to negotiate the knobbly bits in the linen it went along ok. I love the intricate detail on this, it made it very interesting to sew, albeit challenging as well.

We have a tradition in our sewing group than whenever anyone completes a project they have to bring a bottle of champers. Any excuse for a glass of bubbly. Some ladies have been known to complete very tiny cross stitches to keep the champers flowing regularly. One of our teenagers was surprised to learn that we only have champagne on completion of projects. She thought one of us just brought a bottle every week as part of afternoon tea.


Anonymous said...


I stumbled across your blog whilst surfing around cross stitch sites and I have fallen madly in love with this fantastic Christmas stocking that you have stitched. Please, please can you let me know where you got the chart? I shall be eternally grateful.

Yours hopefully,


Dy said...

It was in an old magazine that I borrowed from a friend Jules. Give me some time and I'll see if I can find out more information, then I'll do a Blog post about it.

kirsti goslow said...

Hi I have looked for this sewing room cross stitch for years. Do you have the chart for it . If you do can I buy it please it s out of print now Kirsti can you email me at