Sunday, October 08, 2006

Speaking of men

Whilst on the subject of middle aged men and their 'ways', I have to share with you this article in our Sunday Times newspaper today. Remember how our West Coast Eagles football team won the Grand Final last week?....

Last weekend's Grand Final "inspired" scores of men to play backyard footy - resulting in a rush of broken limbs at Royal Perth Hospital.
The hospital said it treated more patients than usual - mostly men aged under 40 - for broken bones on Saturday afternoon and evening.
Injuries included two broken wrists, several broken legs and a fractured elbow.
Some injuries were alcohol related, but many came from backyard footy games. All, except one, were discharged on the same day.
The hospital said many of the injuries appeared to be among men who had not played football for years.

I'm trying very hard not to laugh... :-)

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