Friday, October 20, 2006

Tea and Sympathy

It's been a hard week.
What with me battling disease and pestilence whilst soldiering on at work, cough cough sniff sniff...

Finally finished work today and joyous with the thought of four days off I made myself comfortable on the bed, laptop on my lap(obviously), catching up on some reading. Here I was stalking Crazy Aunt Purl's blog and the next thing I know I have re-awakened from unexpected slumber, with my finger still poised on the PgDn button.

And at the end of my bed is my son Paul, just standing there, leaning over slightly, just staring. And smirking.
No-one has any sympathy for me in this house.

Actually I've just managed to persuade Meshell to make me a cup of tea. It took a lot of begging and hugging but I now have my cup of rejuvenating brew. Thank you darling child.

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