Friday, November 24, 2006


Help! Can someone please save me from the block of Cadbury's Caramel Whip chocolate that's in the fridge. You know how if you only eat two squares (and they are tall, fat squares I might add) you feel incredibly virtuous and strong? Well, at last count I've visited 4 times today. That's eight big fat gorgeous yummy squares of chocolate coated oozy caramel. Oh god I am so weak. And my fat arse is smiling knowingly - I'm back baby!


Barbara said...

Well, knowing the power of Cadbury Caramel, I can only say, resistance is probably futile, so...
Do some more leaf whapping! I know it's only tapping, really, but still - call it a workout and don't feel too bad about the yummy chocolate. ;)
(And you'll get some more gorgeous fabric, too!)

Dy said...

Barbara, you're right - thank you for putting things into perspective! Whapping calories = chocolate calories! :-)