Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Well, it's back to normal again today, all is well.
After an episode of cancer two and a half years ago I visit the oncologist every six months for a check-up. And it does my head in for a couple of weeks prior to each appointment. Even though I've been fit and healthy, doubts ooze and creep their way into the back of my mind. Have I missed something? Has it come back and I haven't even noticed? I hate the way it affects me.

I remember one of the first things the oncologist said to me back in 2004 was that one of the hardest things to deal with with cancer is how it affects you mentally - the Sword of Damocles scenario. I didn't really understand what he meant at the time, but I do now. It's getting easier though as time goes by, particularly that I've made it passed two years without a recurrence - that is very good apparently.

Anyway, he is happy with me and has given me a tick of approval so I am happy too.
Right, now that that's out of the way, it's back to Xmas mania and hopefully some sewing too!


Barbara said...

Ok, that explains the silence...glad everything's okay! Time to get in the Christmas swing! (For me, that will be by Thursday or Friday at the latest. I'm SO looking forward to it!)

maggiegracecreates said...

I completely understand the sword scenario - 10 years of those visits. I am now release to once a year and am so relieved that I will only deal with the "what if" demon. Congratulations to you -