Monday, December 18, 2006

Bit Of A Rant

I was reading the newspaper last week, and in it was a list.
A list of "What's In" this christmas, tree decorating to be specific.
Tinsel is out apparently, as are mismatched decorations - they are all supposed to be colour co-ordinated. And stars are out, you are no longer allowed to put a star on the top of your Christmas Tree, you have to put an angel up top now.

Who decided this!!!!!!
And where do they get off! What a bloody cheek.
When I read the article my eyebrows shot up and I was a touch indignant, but the more I've thought about it the crosser I've got. I suggest that the author does not have children otherwise the mere thought of colour co-ordinated decorations would never have crossed their mind. Colour co-ordinated decorations are for trees in shopping centres, sterile and lovely. But in homes, with FAMILIES, where years of accumulated treasures are lovingly hung on the tree, I suggest that colour is irrelevant. What are we meant to do, toss all inappropriate decorations in the bin?

Does that mean that this little treasure is destined for the rubbish heap? Not the prettiest decoration I know, but it is priceless. It's the very first Christmas thing that my first child ever made. I set up the activity for nearly 3 year old Meshell and together we silver painted sections cut out of egg cartons, poked the pipe cleaners through, and glued vegetable dyed rice around the bottom. Gradually over the last 18 years they have got squashed and wrecked but still the last remaining one is hung on the Xmas tree. And I don't give a hoot what colour it is.

And I guess this one is a real no-no. Not only is he not very colour co-ordinated, he isn't even dressed in Xmas fabric at all! And he doesn't hang on the tree, he sort of lies around nearby. This is the effort of my son when he was about 8, he asked me to teach him how to use the sewing machine, and he designed and MADE the teddy all by himself, then bedecked him in various fabric scraps. And it was made quite clear that he was a Christmas bear. I think he's divine and he will ALWAYS be on show at Xmas.

I realise that articles in newspapers are not necessarily to be taken seriously, and that some journalist was probably scratching to fill a hole in the page, but gee this one hit a nerve with me. So I shall take my wonderfully politically incorrect tree, with its glitzy tinsel and its crooked star and its collection of much loved multicoloured decorations that trigger all sorts of memories and say "Get Stuffed"!


jude said...

i enjoyed this rant very much!

nuttnbunny said...

I'm with you! Here's to the happy mishmash. You've inspired me to do a Christmas tree post for my next. Thanks!!! (think I may need to get more tinsel first :-)

Barbara said...

I LOVE tinsel, how could anyone go without it! It's the finishing touch, and I just love putting it on the tree! How boring would it be without it?
You have to rename the tree picture...this tree is great!

Liz Needle said...

Hi Di,

Your blogs are always full of interesting comments and photos. I love them. Must do more with mine. Very neglected lately.
Love your little trees. Very cute and addictive.
Also agree with your spit about decorating trees. We have collected various decorations over the last 40 years and they all have to go on the tree. My kids(of 30 and 40 plus) still have to put their favourites up each year and woe betide anyone who puts up someone else's.

All on my tree of course - not their own. Mandy in Sydney directs the putting up of hers by phone. I do have strange children.


Di soupy said...

y I agree thoroughly with your rant. We have been lazy with our tree this year but the beaded baubles Robyn have made for every one and other balls are up there. No tinsel and no childhhod decorations, sad isn't it. But I do have them and wil put them up next year. I think we need to make a stand.

Miss Dot said...

I don't have a big tree this year because I don't have enough homemade ornaments to go on it yet, I am planning on fixing that for next year so I agree wholeheartedly with you, long live the handmade revolution!

Jordan said...

I loved reading about your family Christmas decorations. They remind me of my families.