Sunday, December 03, 2006

Tra La La La - La La La La

Well, it's done. The tree is up, the deckies are out and all the hand made Xmas things from over the years get to be fondled and reminisced over once again. Meshell and I have patted ourselves on the back for doing all the work while the boys slobbed on the settees and watched. Actually, to be fair, Steve brought the tree in and I made Paul fix any dead globes in the tree lights so I suppose they did help, a tiny bit. Meshell has put together and been given some fab new Xmas mix CDs which were lovely to listen to as we bedecked, so nice to have a change from The Chipmunks singing Xmas songs as that was the only Xmas CD we have ever owned. Tragic eh.

Here we have the Nativity scene. Mum gave it to me as a present, she brought it back from holiday from I've forgotten where. I like the fact that it is a bit different. And on the right are some things I made a quite a few years ago. I had to touch up the top corners of the green frame with a marker pen as it appears to have pussy cat teeth marks in it. Asta!

A collection of Xmas balls I made about ten years ago. Ones I've made since then and given away don't have lace around them. I use a gold rope trim nowadays which I like better. I'm gobsmacked how long ago I made these actually, where have the years gone? And my Xmas quilt made from a block swap.

And there is the devil cat herself, who has been sauntering around the lounge room, just taking it all in. Plotting her evil deeds. Which decoration to kill first?

The Advent Calendar, which I made about 4 years ago. I'm in a bit of trouble about this cos I forgot to put it up before the start of the month. And more importantly, I forgot to buy lollies for it! I'm a bad mother. So, here it sits, forlorn and empty, until I hit the lolly shop tomorrow.

Pleeeeeease can someone take us for a walk?
We are soooooooo bored, everyone is ignoring us with all this Xmas business. Pay us some attention or we might have to resort to peeing on the tree....


Barbara said...

I just think it's so much fun to read about everyone in the US and Australia and who knows where else decorating their trees etc. Would you believe that we (or actually, me, as I got myself the job a few years ago) decorate the tree only on the evening of the 23rd?

Dy said...

Well Barbara, I think this is way too early for the Xmas tree but the rest of the family overruled! I don't think I could wait until the 23rd though!

Pennie & David said...

Dy you may be a bad mother but I have bad children, I put my Advent Calendar up on the first and here it is the 4th and no one has taken a chocolate out of any of the pockets! Things will change when Gwilym and Emily get home methinks! :-) Pennie

leanne beasley said...

Stumbled on your website and have spent the last half hour (maybe more - who knows once you enter cyberspace!) reading every entry on your site. Thanks for the laugh. You take great photos. You also reminded me to fill the advent thingy! Leanne