Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Year of Colour Mosaic - Cerulean

A Year of Colour Mosaic - Cerulean, originally uploaded by dytay.

Cerulean, a tricky colour I think. I'm not sure if I've got it but I like all these photos so they'll do!

The sails were taken as an overhead shot when we had a half day trip on a big catamaran during a holiday to Monkey Mia in the north of Western Australia. It's the place that's famous for the dolphins that come to shore to say hello.

The cornflower was growing in my back garden a few years ago. If you look carefully you'll see a teeny weeny white spider sitting on it.

The bottom photo was taken at the Sydney aquarium. I like the illusion this gives of a cut off ocean. The sky and background water are a mural which is behind real rocks which are positioned along the back wall of the large sea water aquarium.


Di Soupy said...

Nice piks Dy. I was wishing a little that you had cropped the cornlour right into the centre so I could see that spider though as it is too small on my screen to see. Loved teh overhead sails shot what a great angle.

Dy said...

Di, the full single is on my Flickr account, the link is just under the profile section on the right. A bit silly of me to say to look for the spider on the tiny Blog image though - sorry!