Friday, March 02, 2007


I'm so excited! This time tomorrow Steve and I will be on holiday in Melbourne, St Kilda to be precise. After a few days of pottering around Melbourne we then hop on another plane and head to Tasmania for 2 glorious weeks of driving around soaking up the wonderful scenery we've heard so much about. As we both have birthdays while we're away, we've decided to do something really special - a helicopter ride over Cradle Mountain, ooooo, I get all twitchy just thinking about it!!

So, it's a 3 week break from craft, Take A Stitch Tuesday, Flickr A Year Of Colour and work. Meshell and Paul are staying home with the dogs and the cat and the fish while we go off and have a wonderful time - thanks kids!



Gunnels blog said...

Have a good holiday!

Brahdelt said...

Have fun and come back inspired! ^^

Suse said...

Oh you're HERE! Well, briefly anyway.

Have a great time here, and then enjoy Tassie. Cradle Mountain is very special indeed.

Fel said...

What a great idea! I'm sure you're having loads of fun. The helicopter ride sounds amazing! :D