Saturday, April 07, 2007

Yarny Yarn Yarn

I've been a baaad blogger lately, I can't seem to find much to chat about. I suspect this means I am dull, colourless and boring. Not completely colourless though, I've still in yarn mode and have been knitting and crocheting.

My Ripple crochet cushion is coming along slowly. I really like the colour scheme, however I must say that I'm a teeny bit jealous of Meshell's gorgeous yarns - hers are very smooth and fine, so her stitches are beautifully defined and really soft, whereas mine are a bit more fuzzball. It's kinda funny peeking into our house, as you'll quite often see two girlies rippling along at the same time. :-) We are suckers for crazes.

Continuing on the yarn theme, look at my fabulous birthday present from Meshell. It's hand spun and hand dyed yarn from KnittyDirtyGirl. Aren't the colours just divine! I love the variations in hand spun yarn too, it's so interesting.

I knitted up about half the yarn into a square, it was interesting to see where the colours placed themselves. I'm going to have a go at weaving the rest.

Hoping to get my mindset back to embroidery and TAST next week. I've decided to start making my stitch samples into bookmarks, so I've marked appropriate sized rectangles onto fabric as guidelines in readiness. I've been a bit troubled by just doing samples for 'no reason' - I know that sounds wrong and that it's a learning situation and that is a reason in itself, but I kinda feel that I need a purpose. I'm still to finish the serviette box embroidery, but I like the idea of starting a collection of bookmarks too. Bookmarks make nice gifts


JoWynn Johns said...

I relate to your need to make things for a purpose. I find it hard to stay motivated to just play for the experience of it. Hope to see your TAST bookmarks.

kirsty said...

Dy, your rippling crocheting yarns are sooo gorgeous!! Yummy colours. I've been thinking about doing a cushion cover with my leftovers.