Friday, May 11, 2007

7 Things About Me

I've been strutting around feeling terribly self-important after being tagged by Jo and Kirsty. But what to write, what 7 things about me that I haven't mentioned before wont bore the pants off anyone who reads this.... here goes -

1. My little car is bright bright bright happy yellow and I love it to bits. I have turquoise number plates and black/white cow print seat covers. Altogether a masterpiece in colour co-ordination. :-)

2. I adore having bare feet and do so at every opportunity. Needless to say I could easily walk over hot coals as the skin on my feet resembles that of elephant hide nowadays.

3. I hate coffee. I hate the taste of coffee, I hate the smell of coffee. Yuck. Give me tea, give me lots and lots of tea.

4. When I left home at 19 to move in with Steve, I was determined to show my independence and not do things like my mother did. My first act of this nature was, during my very first grocery shop, to deliberately walk past Mum's (hi Mum *wave*) brand of washing powder (Fab, by the way) and buy something completely different. How's that for strength of character! :-) For some reason I remember this vividly.

5. I have lost about 20Kg in the last 2 years after being overweight for probably the last 8 years. It was bloody hard work - writing down and calculating every calorie that passed my lips plus loads of swimming. Which is why I'm not happy with myself for letting 4Kg slither back on whilst we holidayed in Tasmania recently. I'm trying to do something about that at the moment but struggling with motivation. Bloody weight, why can't we wave a magic wand and it's gone!

6. I do not swim at night. A horror movie I saw many years ago called "The Gill Man" had a lasting effect on me, and I am convinced that if I swim in dark murky water or over large beds of seaweed, the Gill Man's slimy hand will grasp my ankle and haul me downwards to his watery lair where I would meet a particularly gruesome demise.

7. The two things in my life that have changed me the most as a person are having our children (wonderful, best thing I've done), and being told the innocuous lump on my back was a Stage 4 melanoma secondary (not so wonderful, could have done without that).
Thankfully our kids are still living at home with us so we can enjoy their company and their great senses of humour (we have hilarious but kind teasing down to a fine art in this house), and equally thankfully in 3 years I haven't had any recurrence of melanoma and hope it will continue that way!

Ok, these people I'd love to know a bit more about, but only if you want to - I'd like to tag Emmy, Penny, Barbara, Luci, Nancilyn, Meghan and Miss Dot


Jo in NZ said...

Thanks for responding Dy.
I too have cow seat covers! and I drink tea, all day long, out of a cup with a cow on it...guess what I like?

Sussanah said...

I get the night swim phobia - my husbands mother took him to see Jaws when he was around 6 years of age and now you could not drag that man into the sea.

shula said...

I saw Jaws when I was 11.

To this day, I cannot go out of my depth in the sea. And would NEVER swim in it at night.

Luci F said...

Hi Dy
Thanks for tagging me - I had fun thinking up 7 things that people don't know about me.
Pearl is a fantastic name for a spinning wheel!

Carol said...

Hia Dy, i got your comment on my blog but you were down as no reply so I thought I would tell you here how i got the background. It wasn't needle felting it is a felt melt technique. I free machined Kunin felt and then blasted it with the heat gun. this makes a nice lacy background. i put some crystal organza behind for the glitz! Hope this helps.

Nancilyn said...

In our family "Creature from the Black Lagoon" aka Gillman is a cherished favorite. My daughter collects Gillman stuff as well as
great white shark things. She also loved the Jaws series.
I have always been afraid of sharks and refused to go far in the surf. Shark killings in the same places proved I was right to be afraid then and now.
Thanks for tagging me. It was a fun exercise, and I'll be posting it later today.

Susan D said...

I'm with you, a cup of tea every time. It quenches thirst a lot better than coffee and surprisingly on a hot day will cool you down.