Sunday, June 24, 2007


Brrr, it's been so cold this week. The sort of of weather when a sun soaked cushiony quilty corner seems the perfect place to snuggle down with my laptop and catch up on blogging.

I finished my tea cosy, gee I love it. I think I'm drinking twice as much tea just so I can use it lots. :-) I ended up running a row of machine straight stitch around the edge for strength, then used Butterfly Chain Stitch for a decorative embroidered edge.

I am so in love with wool felt. I knew diddly squat about it until a couple of months ago, but at the moment I want to make everything out of it, and stitch on it constantly. I love the way embroidery stitches slightly sink in to the felt and nestle in. It's also handy for running the loose end of the thread inside, so it can't be seen. A friend of mine has a birthday this week so I thought I'd make her a little something. A little wool felt keyring, adorned with my two favourite embroidery stitches to date, Whipped Wheel Stitch and edged with Butterfly Chain Stitch again.

I caught up a little with my Take A Stitch Tuesday stitches too, by adding some dragon breath flames done in Satin Stitch with extra spitty bits of flames done in single Wheatear stitch. I wanted the satin stitch area to look reasonably raised, so I cut the flame shape out of a scrap, thin piece of red felt, laid it down and satin stitched over it. Which achieved the aim of raising it up, but also, being red, meant you can't see any wonky gaps between the stitches. I'm so clever I scare myself sometimes. ;-)

I made a cake, complete with beautification. I got a piece of paper and folded it up and cut bits out of it like we used to do as kids to make snowflake Xmas decorations, then plonked it on the cake and sprinkled icing sugar over it. Kinda funky eh

Steve's been planting out his vegie patch. He tries each year to plant things earlier and earlier in the season, to try and get some things harvested before the cabbage white butterflies arrive en mass in spring. It's looking good with the promise of things to come.

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Fel said...

That quilt and pillow corner looks lovely, though personally I probably wouldn't be able to blog - I'd be snoozing off immediately!
(I'd offer to clean up your kitchen for 1h on the pillows, but I guess I'd need someone to sponsor my plane ticket first, heh.)
The cake idea is fab! Looks great, and I bet it was fun to make too. ;)