Saturday, July 21, 2007

Aint Nuthin Crafty Happening Round Here

Nope, no embroidery, no knitting, no quilting, no crochet, no nuthin.
Only this...

You may notice that there are two bookmarks poking out the top of the book. One is mine and one is Meshells. We get two hours reading at a time then we have to hand the book over to the other person. :-)

I was quite civilised in the purchase of this book. I did not partake in camping out for days outside the store, nor did I adorn myself with robes or glittery stars. I simply wandered into Big W half an hour after they opened, grabbed the book plus one of the double blocks of chocolate that were strategically placed on a large stand near the books (10 points for marketing strategy Mr Big W manager) and wandered off again, happy as the proverbial Larry.

Next weekend we are off to the movies at La Premiere to see Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix. Looking forward to it!

I LOVE Harry Potter!

Edit: - finished the book 10pm last night. Was good!


Carol said...

I am half way through and loving it.

Fel said...

Ok, this is getting SO unfair. Being good is hard. :P
I am being good because I have my BIG literature exam on the 31st, and have not bought the book yet. Usually I would have been in the bookstore sometime Saturday morning and would then have been in not-to-be-talked-to mode for about 12 hours. But no. Instead on Saturday I read Pope and Shaw.
I envy you each and every 2 hours with that book!

Liz Needle said...

I couldn't agree more about Harry Potter. I too bought a book from K-Mart - no worries, no need to book months ahead. Took it home, whence it disappeared. Where to? My son has taken it to work and he reads it in between courses I think. All I know is that I am either going to have to wait - or buy a second copy.

Dianne said...

Oh yes, me too!!! 2 bookmarks, so funny! My son promptly stole it off me, and I didn't see it for 2 days.... Now, it's there looking at me, tempting me - but I'm halfway through another book, the 3rd in a series. I'm getting a bit anxious, as I don't want to hear what happens......