Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tra La La

I've been busy this week, no time for blogging - it's THAT time of year. THAT being tax time. And as I am the unofficial accountant of all four members of this household it's a big job that usually requires a good three days out of my life each year.

I am now dancing around, feeling light as a feather because they are all FINISHED! And better still, Mr Taxman owes all four of us a wee tax rebate - luvly. I did my parental duty this year and sat the kids down one at a time and showed them how to complete their online tax return, so maybe I'll only need to do mine and Steves next year!

The other cool thing that has happened around here relates to rain. We have an old in-ground spa pool in the backyard that no longer works, to the point that it would cost us thousands to get it up and running again. It was lovely while it worked well, but that was rare, it was just one of those things that was always going wrong and it drove me insane - in the end I hated it.

Anyway, it's just been sitting there empty and we were toying with ripping it out completely but instead Steve had a fabulous idea - given that our country is struggling with drought....he has converted it into a rainwater storage tank for watering the garden and filling our fish ponds - 1500 litre capacity. He's piped into our roof guttering system and run that pipe across the pergola and down into the spa, which has a solid foam cover on it. This was completed a couple of weeks ago and we've been waiting with bated breath for some rain. Today was the day! You have no idea how exciting it was to see water coming out the end of that pipe!! We are feeling so darn environmental :-)


Susan D said...

We've all got to do our bit for the environment,I don't want to rub it in but the UK has had too much rain. I feel so sorry for the people who's houses where flooded. The worlds weather has gone crazy hasn't it.

Knittingand said...

Congrats on finishing your taxes! I'm still hunting up a few receipts so I can get a nice big refund, lol.

Miss Dot said...

oh, can you do mine next? :-) this year will be easy, no income! I still haven't done last years. My Dad's accountant has retired. Maybe I should "be smart" hey, and get off my arse and do it myself? :-) thanks for the push

Feli said...

owhhh a converted water tank. thats a fantastic idea. My grandparents had a pool once and now its been converted to a Koi pond that is Froggy friendly. :*)

Sue in western WA said...

Brilliant! Way to go!

(I have to wait for DH to finish Harry Potter #7 before I can begin it. Am having doubts as to whether I really want to see the end of the series or not!)