Friday, August 24, 2007

Fabric Postcard Virgin

Artist trading cards, fabric postcards, they're very cool don't you think. As I have had a year of indulging in fifty trillion new craft ventures, I've studiously avoided joining any trading card swaps so as not to explode my brain. But I love looking at other peoples efforts - just have a google, there's scads of them around (isn't it interesting how 'google' has become a verb), and I've remained interested and intrigued and put the idea aside for later.

Anyway, a few weeks back I embroidered a bicycle for Take A Stitch Tuesday and the lovely FaeryDi asked if I'd like to do a swap. The bicycle was a bit big to turn into an artist trading card (which are the size of a playing card), so we decided to do a fabric postcard (6 inches by 4 inches).

Here it is. Dianne said she loves bike riding so I took the opportunity of turning the bicycle embroidery into a scenic thingy, and there's Dianne, up in the corner, enjoying riding her bike through the countryside. :-)

Here's Dianne, beads and hair flying in the breeze. Her face is polymer clay, with a light rub of Treasure Gold to give it a nice glow. Lovely complexion you've got there Dianne!

Here's the original bicycle with an added shadow under the front wheel, which is just a sliver of gold fabric fused down and then stitched over.

And here are the fabric trees, fused down and then edged with a few different embroidery stitches. The small ones at the back are simply edged with straight stitch and then splodged with a wee bit of fabric paint.

And a prettied up envelope to post it in (I was inspired by PygletWhispers wonderful artwork). Technically a fabric postcard is actually posted 'as is', as a postcard, by addressing and stamping the back. But I was a bit worried that the clay face might get damaged, so I chickened out and put it in an envelope instead. It arrived safely thank goodness, and I'm glad you like it Dianne!


Jo in NZ said...

Love the way you have used the face Dy. They are looking great.

Lindsay said...

That's lovely. Great embroidery and polymer clay and the whole thing looks fantastic together.

Sue in western WA said...

I mailed my first fabric postcard in an envelope too, for the same reason. Since then I've mailed a few others but their embellishments were all plastic so I wasn't stressed about them getting damaged. Isn't it fun? Your work is just lovely too.

Liz Needle said...

Gorgeous postcard Dy. You are doing some fabulous stuff in all your free time.

Dianne said...

I feel very honoured to receive your first ever postcard - and it sure is a beauty!! I absolutely love it!! It's me riding my bike in the forest with the wind blowing in my hair! Thankyou, thankyou!!!!!!