Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Take a Stitch Tuesday - Portuguese Knotted Stem Stitch

This week's stitch from Sharon B's "Take A Stitch Tuesday" group is Portuguese Knotted Stem Stitch. By the way, Sharon has shifted her In A Minute Ago site to HERE in case you need to update your links.

I liked the texture this stitch produced and I've been waiting for the perfect stitch to complete a pot in my garden embroidery and this one seemed just right.

I still have to stitch a shrub in the pot itself, which will cover the base of the tree, and another to the left of the pot and then the piece will be finished.

I found it a little tricky to slip the needle cleanly under the stitch when I was doing the wraps as the rows are so close together, but apart from that I enjoyed this stitch. I really like the distinct line it produces and the rope-like texture is lovely.


Conni said...

I love how you used this stitch - it looks great!

Mary Corbet said...

I love the effect with the rows so close together - the texture's great. The pot is perfect!