Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bookmark (I Need To Work On Witty Title Creation)

I took the opportunity this week to stitch another bookmark, catching up on some Take A Stitch Tuesday stitches and having another practice of some I've done before.

This week's stitch (well, actually it was last weeks I must confess) was Shisha stitch, the art of attaching small mirrors and other such things to a piece of embroidery. I was pleased when this stitch turned up as I've always wanted to know how to attach shisha glass.
Although the mirror is snug and safe in its stitched cradle, I have actually stuffed up the stitch.

I was checking out some samples of this stitch done by others and wondered why theirs seemed more woven/net-like. I think my mistake is when I've carried the stitches over then under the foundation, I was meant to bring that underneath stitch over the top of the first part to basically create a little cross before doing the anchoring stitch in the main fabric (do I sound like I've been drinking or something?)
A little later I did a small sample on some scrap aida cloth and got it right - yay :-)

The edging stitch on the petals is crossed buttonhole stitch and surrounding that is scroll stitch - a stitch that I'm determined to master neatly as I really like it. It's very easy to pull it too tight and lose the lovely curve, but I'm finding it easier to control if I use a thicker thread.

This little flower is simply edged with buttonhole stitch and the stems are fly stitch. Above the flower is a border of Portuguese knotted stem stitch, another one I really like.

I started the embroidery on this flower by doing a round of palestrina stitch in purple, then using white thread to do a partial whipped wheel stitch, then backstitching around the edge of the petal. Finished off with a few french knots and a bead in the middle. I like the zing the colour of this flower gives to the rest of the bookmark.

And after the bookmark was finished it was time for a little indulgence. I had found the recipe for this yummy Chocolate Tart here and made it a couple of times. It's been perfect and delicious each time. Which is fabulous because I suck at making pastry, a dismal pastry failure. This recipe tells me how to make it using a food processor (a device that spends most of its days lonely in a darkened cupboard), and IT WORKS! MAGNIFICENTLY! I am so proud.


Fel said...

I read that recipe and I think I will need to make some cake soon...sounds too delicious! (Just the way it looks on the photos, mhhhh...)

bec said...

So glad you liked the chocolate tart - thank you for letting me know you'd made it, Dy.

I love your embroidery. I've always wondered how they got those little mirrors to stay on, too!

Lindsay said...

That bookmark is gorgeous and the chocolate tart look very yummy!

My Best Friend Calls Me Martha said...

Mmm... Can I have a piece? I love that bookmark, you're inspiring me to try new things!

Mary Corbet said...

Oh gosh. I don't know which looks better - the chocolate tart or the bookmark! Fantastic job on the bookmark, really. It's lovely!

Elizabeth said...

I love the bookmark and thanks for detailing the work around the center of the lower flower. The work around the petals of the middle one is very inspiring, too.

Dy said...

Thank you all for your kind comments. :-) Elizabeth, I've tried to visit your blog, but your profile doesn't have a link to it, so I don't know who you are!