Saturday, September 08, 2007

Scatterday Week 3

It's Week 3 of Scatterday already! This week's challenge was the letter "R" with the categories 'The Plant World', 'Childhood' and 'The Arts'.

I felt extremely clever regarding the Arts category. It was looking to be quite difficult when suddenly it came to me in a blinding flash! In the bowels of my wardrobe lies a sad and lonely viola, resting in its furry lined case - a remnant from my son's primary school days. And within this case lies a small box, containing ROSIN!!! Rosin is a hard resin block that you draw the bow across before you play. It does something wonderful to the strings, but exactly what escapes me for now.

I couldn't choose between my two Plant World ideas so I've used them both. ROOTS is the first one, roots of a large, nasty, big fat weed to be precise! And RADISHES, growing happily in Steve's vegie patch. I'm not fond of radishes at all, but they are pretty.

And finally, the Childhood category. Here are some of my REPORT CARDS, quite a diverse bunch.... flashes of brilliance, and of defiance! If you're interested in finding out what my yr 11 physics teacher thought of me, click on the photo to see it large enough to read! I have to say the feeling was mutual ;-)

Now fellow Scatterdayers, next week we have a challenge indeed. It was my turn to plunge my hand into the jar of letters, and guess what I've gone and pulled out? A flippin' "Q".
Michelle had her turn at pulling 3 categories out of the jar and she's come up with Music, Clothing and Square Things.
Thinking caps on! A bit of tangent thinking might be in order for this one!


Crafty librarian said...

Those radishes look yum - mine grew to the size of peas and then gave up. Mind you, they were a special new type from the seed company, which meant that though small they were all different colours, which made for an interesting salad!
Have a good weekend

Pennie & David said...

Very clever, I have a childs violin sitting just above my computer and would never have thought of using the resin! Or report cards... well done you. Not too sure of Q though, I will have to put a lot of thought into week three that's for sure. cheers Pennie

Michelle Watters said...

Yes Dy - all very good. Very lateral with the Rosin! Though who ever would have thought you had a viola. Pity you didn't pick V out this week - would have made music easy!

Anonymous said...

A+ today Dy.


Dy said...

Michelle Watters, there is culture just oozing out of me, and you didn't even know it ;-)

Thank you for the good grade KLM!

Di said...

Loved the Report Cards - clever thinking, Dy!

Liz Needle said...

What a hoot! Loved the Physics report. I didn't ever keep any of mine, though Mum may have - now long since disappeared.

Di's SnippitS said...

Absolutely fantastic Dy I never thought of report cards I do have those and like Liz I have a picture of my pet rabbit Fred.... somewhere, I was nearly completely stumped by the childhood one.
The reson was very clever as well and those radishes just love them salted on bread and butter.

Fran said...

Now why didn't I think of roots, we have this big willow tree that's collapsed in the corner of the back yard!
I must take pics before it gets cleared away.