Saturday, November 03, 2007

Scatterday Week 11

This week was emceed by the letter A.

For the category of Vegetable, well, as they are growing in Steve's vegie patch as we speak and they happen to start with the letter A, what better than a glorious ARTICHOKE. Yum yum, boiled for 40 mins then pluck the leaves off and dip the tender ends into melted butter mixed with a squirt of lemon juice, some salt and a titch of crushed garlic. Remove the furry choke part with a spoon and discard, then eat the remaining delicious central disc of loveliness.....

My Round Thing of choice is the humble APPLE. But this is a special apple because it's made of crystal. We bought it way back in the eighties from Harrods in London, while we were on our honeymoon. It's one of my favourite things - very touchy feely and soooo smooth. Makes for interesting reflections too.

And finally, we have Something You Like The Smell Of. This was quite an opportune category for me as it turns out (and it wasn't rigged - promise!), as my favourite perfume is ANAIS ANIAS by Cacharel. I'm not that fussed with what I wear and I only wear a bit of makeup occasionally, but my personal indulgence in life is perfume and I always squirt a bit on every morning. Other favourites over the years have been Jontue by Revlon and Escape and Truth by Calvin Klein, but Anais Anais is my bestest mostest favourite!

Ok, for next week we have the interesting and somewhat obscure letter O, with the Categories of Breakfast, Shiny, and Little Things. Get those thinking caps on!


Jodie said...

Oh my, the letter O!

I love your apple it is beautiful.


Michelle Watters said...

Snap on the Apple and someone suggested that perfume to me but I only wear Estee Lauder Beautiful - wrong letter. And that artichoke paragraph makes me want to cook some!

Dianne said...

I love Anais Anais too.

Pennie & David said...

I had my first Artichoke way back in 1969 when we visited David's Uncle in California where we picked them ourselves from farms along the road... it was one of the most beautiful tastes but I've never been able to recapture that flavour here in Australia so maybe growing my own would be the answer!! Delicious Memories!!
I think I'm on my own with Anise though LOL

Nola said...

What an attractive apple! Sorry, artichokes are anathema here - too much effort for not much outcome. My favourite perfume is a cheapy called Vanderbilt - it's not that I love it so much as it's one that doesn't upset anyone's sensitive nose. Perfume is my indulgence too!