Saturday, January 26, 2008

Scatterday Week 23

Happy Australia Day to all the Aussies! Scatterday again, with an N

For the category of Orange I've used one of the gloriously cheerful NASTURTIUMS that self seed in our back garden every year, in varying shades of yellow, orange and red.

Something Good For You That You Don't Like - well, I chose NOT EATING CHOCOLATE. :-) Need I say more... (thanks Meshell for that brainwave)

And finally, something South American. I may just have stuffed up with this one, as I gaily decided that Mexico was south of America (as in USA), but I have an awful feeling that it might be part of North America. I apologise for my lack of geographical skills, but I'm going with it anyway cos I put together a meal so I could take the photograph and it was a lot of effort!! So, here we have NACHOS which are not exactly South American, but close??

Now Scatterdaisies, next week we have the letter Z, a tricky little devil indeed. Far be it for Michelle and I to cause nervous breakdowns in others, we thought we'd throw the categories to the wind for this one. So, all you have to do this week is take three photographs that relate to the letter Z. Let your imaginiation run wild! :-)


Pennie & David said...

Oh yes yummy yummy looking Nachos you have there Dy, I thought of them as well Dy but do you realize they aren't even Mexican, they're Tex Mex which is a sort of Texan take on Mexican food. A Mexican would be horrified if you thought Nachos were from Mexico. We had them for dinner last night, love Nachos!

Di's SnippitS said...

loved your no chocolate choice, nice looking nachos too. hmmmm things that start with zzzzzzz, a toughy

Jodie said...

I love nachos! Planned some during the week to photograph, but no corn chips so we had tacos instead!
"Z" at least no categories!