Saturday, February 23, 2008

Scatterday H

Phew, finally made it! What with our network down this morning, followed by a fish pond disaster (I couldn't just leave those poor gasping goldfish to gaily be a scatterdaisy now could I?) and also visitors, I've only just got here on Scatterday by the skin of my Scatterdaisy teeth!

H is for Colour, Games and Pointy Things.
For Colour I've gone with HELIOTROPE, which according to the blurb I read is on the pink side of purple. This is a cushion Meshell made way back in Year 11 at school - it's painted and beaded. She doesn't like it any more and donated it to the dogs to rest their weary heads on.

For Games I've decided to show you the cover of HALO 3, which is an XBox game that I don't myself play, but hear the constant sound of gunfire from while Steve and Paul run around like cyber Rambos! :-) They enjoy themselves immensely.

And finally, my pointy thing is my HAIRBRUSH, which has lots of points!

Next week we are working with the letter O, and Michelle has chosen the categories of In A Library, Sweet Things and Something Hawaiian.


shequilts said...

Your lucky dogs! Our X-Box is broken at the moment, probably from overuse.

Michelle Watters said...

A hairbrush! So many pointy things I never thunk of.

Lindi said...

How neat, a hairbrush! Since I don't use one, I would never have thought of it.
Heliotrope is also very clever.