Monday, June 30, 2008

Frame Your View

Hellooooooo! Well, that was a long break!

Di has kindly taken over the reins of Scatterday, and the concept is a bit different now - every month there will be a new theme and by the end of the month you choose your 3 favourites of however many you wish to display. June's theme is "Frame Your View".

And currently being Goddess Of The Last Minute, here I am with mine on the evening of June 30th....

I took this photo at dawn this morning, with the moon framed within the power lines.

I took this shot in Melbourne in 2004, it's the Shot Tower building under the very cool roof of Melbourne Central. The direction of this shot meant I had to squat on the floor of the shopping centre, much to the embarrassment of my family.... they all walked off and left me!

I love this photo of a willy wagtail framed by a wire fence. We were on holiday in Albany back in January when I took this photo.

This is a photo of the Tasman Arch, on the south east coastline of Tasmania.

Another Tasmanian photo, taken in 2007 at the Port Arthur ruins. I was trying to be a clever dick and photographed the back end of the church ruins framed with the window in the front end of the ruins.

Tasmania again. This is one of my favourite photos of Steve, framed by trees and the boardwalk of the Dove Lake wilderness walk at Cradle Mountain.

I've always been rather fond of this photo. It's my mitred square knitted cushion, framed by a chair. Asta cat loves that cushion, she sleeps on it every afternoon in the lounge room.

Maxie was being a very obedient girl this morning when I asked her nicely to sit so I could frame her with the foliage around the little bridge in our back garden. What do you think of our new acquisition to the left - we LOVE our Easter Island head.

After some deliberation, here are my three favourites

July's theme is REFLECTIONS.


Lisa Walton said...

Welcome back - love the framed photos

thetinylittlegirl said...

i love the shot of melbourne, it brings back memories of my time there.

Quiltycat said...

Welcome back. Loved all your pics. Particularly impressed with the Melbourne one!! Knowing the area, I will always thinking of you sitting on the floor when I pass through there!
Loved the faces on your statues too! The garden looks fantastic. C