Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Brain Drain and A Walk in the Park

I thought I'd be a smarty pants and streamline the knitting of the tiny mitred squares that I need many of. After discussing with Meshell how circular needles work (I had no clue) a plan loomed in my mind. Instead of doing one at a time, why not have five on the go at once! It did actually work but wow did I have to think hard so as not to tangle things or knit extra stitches on some and not others. Now I'm all cocky with success I think I'll try doing 5 medium size ones at a time too.

Bottlebrush (genus Callistemon)

I came across this little beauty whilst out on a walk in the local park today. The pollen on the ends make the flowers look like they've been dipped in gold dust. I love spring, flowers are popping up all over the place.

Maxie and Pepper
And this is who accompanied me on my walk today. Maxie has no respect for photographic genius, she'd wait until I had the camera trained motionless on the bottlebrush, then she'd decide to wander off, yanking the lead in my hand. Not good for crisp focus I can tell you.


June said...

Five at a time? Absolutely boggles my mind. I am soooo impressed!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog Dy, full of interesting things. Keep it up. Di S