Monday, September 25, 2006


Within 24 hours of starting this Blog I've broken my first rule.... don't post more than once a day. Ah well. Everything was looking sparse so I thought I'd amass my quilt collection. I'm not a prolific quilter as I spend far too much time procrastinating.

Work in Progress - Indian Orange Peel Quilt

This quilt is being made from a pattern by Karen Stone, given to me by my dear friend Kerry who I'm sure is itching to flog me in order to hurry me up. It's only been 5 years you know :-) This is only the middle section, since this photo there have been a row of the arcs sewed around the edge. There are another 2 borders to go, made up of smaller pieced sections. The whole thing is foundation pieced. I love the way the masses of colours are coming together.

The Hippie Quilt 2002
I made this for Meshell a few years ago. This was another of my epic productions that took 4 years. It evolved over time, I'd have months of no inspiration at all and then suddenly a hippie idea would spring forth and onwards it would progress. By trial and error most of this quilt is made using fused applique, which is very liberating. I love this quilt.

The MC 2000
As you can see I have no originality with names whatsoever. MC stands for Mariners Compass which is of course the centre block. This is my posh quilt which looks tres chic on a double bed. I think this one took a year - quite rapid really.

Pickle Jar Quilt 2000
This one hangs in my kitchen. It was made from a block swap run by the online quilt group "Southern Cross Quilters", of which I've been a member for nearly 10 years. Technically the pickle jar blocks are supposed to sit neatly in rows but I decided to emulate the state of my pantry (congested) so I appliqued some of the jars over the top of others. I like to be different.

Southern Cross Quilters Signature Square Quilt 2000
This is my favourite cuddle quilt, for two reasons. One, it's backed with flannel so it's gorgeous and soft and snuggly, and secondly it's nice to wander the eyes over the names and designs on the signature squares that I'd swapped between SCQ members in the late nineties.

Cosmic Corridors 1998
The only quilt with an imaginative name. I was quite chuffed with myself when this one was finished as it was only my second quilt, and a vast improvement over the first effort (see below if you dare). The centre section is foundation pieced and then I felt it needed fluffing out as it was very small for all that work. Hence the square in the square around it. It hangs on my lounge room wall and looks great at night when the lights show up the quilting texture.

The nameless 'piece de resistance' quillow.
The very first patchwork thing I ever made in 1996, when I so arrogantly decided that I didn't need patterns or books or colour advice. I feel purged now I have shared this with you, dear reader. This sits on the back seat of my car when the dogs are having a ride, to stop dirty paw prints on the car.


feli said...

I hopped from Mishell's blog and I love your blog. I am always amaze with how people put Quilts together.

Barbara said...

Those quilts are great! I remember when my mum tried it - no doubt, I loved my bedspread, we all loved the lovely things she made for us, but she never, NEVER, made anything as intricate as the Indian Orange Peel Quilt. Wow.

Anonymous said...

You have beautiful quilts! Love that Orange seems like quite a pain to make. I checked out your links too--- I really liked those stack quilts on fibermania, and they look easy. They would probably still be a pain somehow. Ah well, quilts are well worth it.