Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Cross Stitch Roll

I made this to store my work-in-progress cross stitch. The cross stitch is rolled up inside which is a much nicer thing to do than just stuffing it into the sewing basket like an unloved rag. The tube is just a cardboard mailing tube. And I have Meshell to thank for the lovely indigo dyed shibori fabric. She did a few sessions at Uni on indigo dyeing and kindly took in some pieces to dye for me that I scrunched and tied at home first.

I've been wanting to try a bit of Hawaiian applique, but I'm not a fan of needle turn applique so this is fused instead and free motion stitched around the edge.


June said...

This is a wonderful idea--I just love it.

Liz Needle said...

You are a total hoot, Dy. I love your blog and your random thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Dy, I stuff my cross stitch into my bag like some unloved rag. But I'm hoping that one of my cross stitching friends will whip me up something similar to yours for Xmas. We can always wish!

Dy said...

LOL, I wonder which one of my tipsy cross stitch buddies wrote this?