Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Small Things That Occupy My Brain

Considering that I don't know any Dave and I know nothing about rodeos, this SMS was curious. Well, not really, just a wrong number one would think. Which leads me to the dilemma of does one simply ignore wrong number SMSes or does one SMS back? In the age of the Mobile Phone, what is the etiquette in this regard?

You would think I'd have better things to occupy myself, but I find I am plagued with indecision every time it happens, which, thankfully, is not often. Then Meshell made me sms back, so I did. And the weight was lifted and I was again at peace with the world. :-)

Hope Dave has a good turnout.

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Barbara said...

Same happened to me, twice, while in London (ie abroad). And I didn't even receive the number of whoever sent me the message (it was the same person both times). That was bad, because when I received the second one, I knew she had no clue, and I could do nothing. :P