Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sunshine at night

I love spring. When the beginnings of glorious, warm, sunny days means that you can strip your bed in the morning, wash the lot, dry it outside on the line then have it back on the bed before dark. And you know the best thing? The sheets smell of sunshine. Luvly.

With sunshine sheets and a good book, roll on bed-time!


Barbara said...

Hey, you're reading The time traveller's wife! I completely loved that book! When I read it around 18 months or so ago, I recommended it to everyone I came across. :D I hope you like it as much - my sister found it a little confusing (which might have been a little due to language problems though).

Dy said...

I'm really enjoying the book Barbara, Meshell suggested I read it. Takes a bit of concentrating to keep yourself on top of 'where in time and space' each page happens to be!

Barbara said...

I think that's what my sister had problems with. I read the book in about two or three days, so it was sort of easy to keep up with it - if you're not a lazy student like I was back then and it takes you longer, I think it's more of a problem. But I'm glad you like it. :)