Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hoodlums of the Feathered Variety.

As I was making a cuppa early this morning, suddenly the air was filled with the piercing shrieks of a large flock of black cockatoos. They frequently fly over the metro area in large numbers and they make a hell of a racket. It seemed somewhat louder this morning, so I wandered out the back to have a look. On every tall treetop that I could see were dozens of these huge birds, all yelling at the tops of their voices. One was sitting at the top of one of our trees, and it seemed to be eyeing off our maturing figs, so I stood there defiantly and eyeballed it - the thought of hundreds of large parrots scoffing our figs was scary indeed. I must have intimidated it as it flew off. :-)

Later on in the morning I went out the front to check the mail to be greeted by this sight. And when I looked down the street every other flowering tree had been ruthlessly vandalised by these feathered varmints! They just zoom in, create noisy bedlam, bite the flowers off the bottlebrushes just for the fun of it and then nick off again. It's like a gang of bikies with beaks!

PS I think they are the red tailed Black Cockatoos. Edit: More likely the white tailed variety.


Liz Needle said...

Poor Dy. Were they yellow or red tailed cockatoos. We get the yellow ones here abd they strip( prune) the trees for us as well. fantastic birds to look at, though.


Pennie & David said...

We have the exact same problem with the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos Dy, I don't mind them making a mess of the Cyprus Pine on the Tennis court because it's sort of like a prune for the old dear but when they attack the new shoots on our grape vines that we grow for summer shade I really get mad! Trouble is they usually come quietly do their dirty work then leave with a racket of a noise. Good luck, cheers Pennie

your daughter said...

Ah, I saw you out the window taking photos of something this morning and wondered what on earth you were doing =P

Anonymous said...

Doubt they're the red tailed ones Dy - don't see them up here much. Probably the white tailed ones. They all make the same dreadful noise though!


Dy said...

Thanks for that Cori, I had no idea what colour their tails were to be honest!