Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sewing, Kit Kats and Identity crisis

I've been sewing this week, and it was really enjoyable. It was one of those occasions when you just want to make something without really knowing what, and just letting things evolve as you go. I recently bought a booklet of free motion quilting ideas from Australian textile artist Dijanne Cevaal - you can check this out on her blog HERE

This sort of thing is right up my alley, ideas rather than instructions. I wanted have a play with a few of Dijanne's quilting patterns so what better than to make a cushion. I also wanted to have a try at raggy quilting, when the seams are out rather than in, and you snip them every quarter inch and then shove the item in the washing machine and then the tumble dryer to fluff it all up.

I'm a shocker for self criticism with sewing, so it was a pleasant surprise to make something that I ended up really really liking. It's turned out very interesting and complex, and so textured, I just want to touch it. :-) I'll get off my high horse now.

I tell you what, I reckon I could get addicted to the raggy edged seams, it made the cushion construction soooo easy. You don't have to bother with right sides together and turning things inside out etc. I wonder how the raggy part will stand up over time... if bits start falling off or not? Who cares, definitely more raggy stuff on the drawing board....

We are now Post-Halloween and I am reporting that our house was quiet and the Kit Kats were delicious. :-)

I'm having a bit of an indentity crisis with my profile photo. I think I've changed it 3 times already. I can't decide whether it should just be the real me, or the me of the past or a representation of me. I must say that I am mega impressed with some blogger's profile shots, they just use some cool graphic to maybe hint at their personality or perhaps it's something they own or like? I'm trying to think of something witty and wise but for now all I could come up with is my grumpy baby photo. :-)


Barbara said...

Hey, the cushion looks amazing...and yes, I'd like to touch it as well, and fluff around the ragged edges a bit...looks like a prima candidate for cuddling. :)
I've avoided using a profile photo so far...and I've seen all of the ones you tried out...but still can't help with the decision! Although I think the grumpy baby picture is quite funny. :)

Liz Needle said...

Love the cushion, Dy. Will have to try the technique - when i get the time, Siunds like my sort of quilting.

As for the profile photo - I have liked all of yours better than mine. Will have to change. Trouble is that around here it is always me taking the photos. I just don't have many of me - well not good ones. My family are just not good with cameras. Or maybe its my face? LOL


Anonymous said...

Can you suggest a publication where I can learn about raggy quilting?