Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Spring and Stray Threads

This week's colour for Flickr A Year Of Color is green-yellow.

Those green-yellow jelly beans were yummy - apple flavour. :-)

I had another potter around the garden with my camera yesterday, spring is such a lovely time of year with things flowering and seeding and growing. I was going to say growing like weeds but that would sound silly :-)

Normally I manage to point the finger of death at gardenias but this one has stayed alive for 2 years and is growing well. AND it's flowering again, dripping with flowers in fact. It went all weird on me a few months back though, the leaves started turning very pale with very dark veins, and after Googling it appeared that the problem was with the pH of the soil - too alkaline. A bit of remedying with some trace elements and acidifying stuff and the leaves are slowly recovering.

This is my English lavender. It's been growing merrily for 15 years and seems to thrive on neglect. Bees love it. And it smells divine, although my kids would tell you that it's an old lady smell. Don't listen to them.

This is one of a dozen or so globe artichokes that Steve has grown in the vegie patch this year. They are delicious boiled and then the leaves pulled off one at a time and dipped in a mixture of melted butter, a pinch of salt and a squeeze of lemon juice. Yummy...

What with the fact that I actually did some sewing last week, brings me to stray threads. I have a thing about stray threads, can't stand 'em. I always get peeved when they end up all over the place and stuck all over my clothes, you know, you're out shopping and look down to see little pink threads all over your black top - and you didn't even notice and then you wonder how many other people have seen this and thought you are a weirdo.

I digress.... anyway, I discovered this great tip. I can't remember where I read it so I can't give credit where credit's due, but what you do is this - grab a scrap piece of quilter's wadding or batting and sit it next to your sewing machine. Then pop the scrap threads on that - they STICK to it and it's wonderful!

Then the next tip I read was to from time to time shove the scrap threads into a pretty glass bottle and gradually over time it builds up into a colourful display. I like it, and sometimes when my brain has moved into trivial mode, I stare at it and try and remember what I made that had used that particular colour.


rooruu said...

A Year of Color is great fun, isn't it? Another way of looking at the world, and your photos.

Dy said...

It sure is, it's funny how it shifts your focus on the things around you.