Saturday, October 14, 2006

Shades of Blue cushion

This is my very favourite cushion. I really like fabrics of similar colour together so this was a chance to play around with that. I started out with a single piece of hand dyed turquoise fabric and to that I fused squares of various scraps of blues and other turquoise hand dyeds that I have hoarded away.

I also like the look of frayed edges so I cut the vliesofix a little smaller than the squares of fabric, leaving a loose edge. I then stitched around the fused perimeter and finally frayed the threads of the loose edge back to that stitching line.

Then I mucked around with fabric paint and then experimented with couching embroidery threads. What really made my day was wandering around Textile Traders looking for a zip for the cushion and quite by chance finding the decorative edging, which I hadn't even considered using. AND it was on sale at 50% off! Happy dance.... I couldn't believe how closely the colours matched and it really finished it off nicely.

I'm mulling in my mind at present to do another cushion but this time using fused circles of like coloured fabrics rather than squares. The only issue with that it I wont be able to fray it nicely like the squares. Perhaps I'll have a go at embroidery stitching around the circle edges instead. hmmm.... I've also got a small collection of tiny beads that I'd like to use. I really enjoy the mind mulling stage of a new project.

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Barbara said...

Well, I'm looking forward to the circle cushion! :D