Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Stitching Kandinsky

Monday afternoons is our cross stitch group, but as my brain is a bit befuddled from this blasted virus I thought I'd play safe and bring some knitting instead. Remember how I raved about Melody Johnson's mitred square cushions and I just had to have a try at them? I've been doing a few squares here and there and this is the first opportunity I've had to see them all together. hmm, I think a few adjustments are in order. I don't like the big square in the bottom right corner, it seems insipid. I'm inclined to do some more with black in them, I like the contrast in the centre square. Anyway, I'll just keep churnin' them out and then have a big play and use the best blend on the front and the crappy ones on the back.

This is my current cross stitch project. It's a Kandinsky painting that I converted to a cross stitch pattern with one of those software programmes. Lordy, I hope it's legal and Mr K isn't rolling in his grave.... still, it's only going on my wall so hopefully I wont be clapped in irons and forced to eat gruel.

I'm quite enjoying this project as it's something a bit different. I was interested to see that the cross stitch conversion programme didn't quite know how to cope with the geometric lines and has not interpreted them as lines at all, just hints of lines. Actually I rather like the effect, gives it a unique look.

My friend Anne is also stitching a pattern made by this cross stitch programme, but her pattern was created from a family photograph of a house on a river. It looks fantastic and she is stitching it on linen which makes it look doubly fantastic.

I'm glad I went to sewing (I nearly piked out cos of illness), it always lightens my spirit as we get down to the serious duty of chit chat. It was an interesting blend of conversation with such things as people being inadvertently locked in the toilet to keeping travel diaries to the US veto on vegemite. And, I must tell you, they were on the champagne AGAIN!


Barbara said...

Heh, what a great idea, even if it seems like a lot of work! :)

Pennie & David said...

Love your knitted squares... almost like playing with hexagons isn't it, will make a lovely cuddly cushion methinks! Pennie

Tipsy Cross Stitcher Anne said...

Dy, You are one talented lady! Not only are you very clever with your craft, but you write a great story! I am sitting in front of my computer chuckling. Hope you are feeling much better :)

Di soupy said...

That cushion is turning out quite nicely looking forward to seeing it finished, and I like your x-stitch. What programme are you using I haven't used mine for ages...years now

Liz Needle said...

The cross stitch is interesting, Dy. Had intentions of buying a program myself and haven't done it yet. Must do so before I retire. Love your blog. You are an absolute 'hoot'.


Mrs. Mel said...

Don't do what I did on my cushions and make individual mitered squares. It is so much faster and easier to pick up along the edge to knit the next square, even if it half the size of the previously knit one. Sometimes one must caston and then pick up the other half of the square, or pickup and cast on the second half, depending on where you are in the sequence.

I really should explain this in pictures, as words just don't do it justice.

Anyway, you needn't sew the squares together then...it just builds itself into a piece.

Dy said...

Wow, Melody J commenting on my blog! :-) Thanks for that Mrs Mel, what a good idea - I'll try it right now.

And for anyone interested, the cross stitch conversion programme I tried is this one - http://www.stoik.com/hobby/stitch/