Saturday, October 28, 2006

Wildlife Confusion

We are currently relaxing, watching a tv show on Australian wildlife, and the current section is about the platypus.

Meshell pipes up...
"I learnt about them in school, they can give you an electric shock".

"Huh? The tiny furry platypus? Now I know the males have a poisonous spur on their hind leg, but no, no electricity. Aren't you talking about an electric eel?"

A discussion ensues, with M insisting I look it up. Ok.
She is wrong, of course - and she calls herself Australian.
I comment about our hard earned dollars wasted on her education.
Steve (the master of smart-arse-ness) then ponders whether there is enough power in a platypus to run a toaster.

I concede that she may be confused. Playtpuses can use electroception to catch their prey, which is the ability to detect electric fields generated by muscular contractions of disturbed shrimps etc.

Sigh... don't you love it when you collect great fodder for teasing. :-)


Barbara said...

Has Meshell, like, done something terrible these past few days? ;D I mean, we tease each other enough around here, but..we don't post it to the world...and not with such hilaruous pictures, I'm sure. Dy, thanks for making me laugh, Meshell, sorry for laughing... :D

Dy said...

We have teasing down to a fine art in this house Barbara, all in good fun. And Meshell only screamed once when she found out it had been blogged. :-)