Saturday, October 28, 2006

Chocolate Beckoning

I always carry a slight air of tension this time of year. That's because it's nearly October 31st...I'm suffering from pre-Halloween stress. Which is strange really because we don't actually celebrate Halloween in Australia. Well, most of us don't, hence the stress. The problem is this, you don't really know if anyone will come a-knocking at your door - if some harrassed mother has bowed to media hype and allowed her little ghosts and monsters to trawl the neighbourhood for goodies.

Now I am scared of small people, particularly face painted ones, bedecked in crepe paper and cardboard. So the thought of being at the mercy of their 'tricks' simply because I have no goodies to placate their 'treat' just doesn't bear thinking about. I HAVE to arm myself with supplies. So, firstly I stress for a week that I'm going to forget to go to the shop.

The next chapter in the pre-Halloween stress saga is to maintain the 'uneaten' status of the goodies. In this house THAT is a big ask. The rule is this, any goodies I buy must be untouched until 8.30pm on October 31st, which is when I consider it safe to come out from behind the sofa. Then it's on for one and all, chocolate wrappers flying everywhere. And god help any sweet child that comes to the door and reduces our goodies stash, the air is charged with resentment and evil thoughts. :-)

Footnote, there is a traitor in our midst. It has been pointed out to me that there is a HOLE in the bottom of the goodies bag! The culprit will have to be apprehended and a fitting punishment applied. Hmm, how about being tied to a giant bullseye in the front garden with a large basket of rotten tomatoes nearby? Wouldn't that be fun for any roaming hooligans on the 31st....

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