Thursday, November 16, 2006

Nuts and Bolts

Flippin' heck, look what came out of my knee yesterday!! Not the reels of thread you understand, they are merely in-shot to wow you with a size comparison. :-)
I can't get over how long these screws are. That metal plate was screwed down the side of the my tibia for the last 9 months. But those screws! I'm surprised they weren't sticking out the side of my leg, they're soooo long!

In January I had cartilage grafting done on my knee, but because the reason for the loss of all the cartilage was that I had a bowed leg (and that was news to me!), the Professor had to cut a wedge out of the top of my tibia to straighten it up. Hence the metal plate and screws to hold it all together. It was three months of crutches, rehab and hard work but I'm mighty pleased with the results now.

Removal of the metal was pretty straight-forward, I was only in hospital overnight after a simple procedure under general anaesthetic. Just a bit of hobbling around for a few days now, and some time off work - luvly. Stitches out in 10 days and Bob's Yer Uncle.

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