Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Those Dang Fandangled Devices

I work in a doctor's surgery and we have a wide variety of patients. I never knew until I started working there just how much I love elderly people. They are the ones who don't mind having to wait a while to see the doctor, they enjoy a chat and have lovely cheeky senses of humour.

One dear old guy who's been coming for years rang today to get an appt. As we'd had a cancellation I asked if he could come in half an hour and he asked me to hang on while he checked with his wife. I could hear him talking to her in the background, and then I thought I heard him talking to me on the phone again, but it was really faint, so I waited, thinking he must have been still talking to his wife.

A moment later he came back onto the phone...
"Well Dy, guess what I just did?"
"What was that Mr H?"
"I was just trying to talk to you on my television remote control"
"And you've actually confessed this to me Mr H? LOL"
"See you in half an hour Mr H, and I promise not to laugh too much when you get here"

I love it when people admit to the silly things they do. :-)
Well , I'm off to hospital at the crack of dawn tomorrow to have a metal plate and screws removed from my leg. I'll be there for an overnight stay and then hobbling around at home on crutches for a few days. Bye for now!


Barbara said...

And then you go and tell the stories of the silly things other people do to all the world. ;) But it's fun and I guess they won't mind, right?
Good luck with the hospital, my mum currently has one of those stupid plates on her collarbone, brrrr. *shakes herself*

Anonymous said...

Dy, just read this story and laugh so hard I scared my dog! What a brave man to tell you what he had done, Me, I wouldn't admit to anything for quids!

Dy said...

Barbara, I wouldn't dream of embarrassing anyone by publicly naming them along with the silly thing they've done. Unless of course it's Meshell. :-)