Monday, January 29, 2007

Scary Update Time and 6 weird Things whilst I'm at it

Ok, this is it. I'm about to take the plunge and update my Blog to the Beta Blogger thingy. Now that I've finally been invited to. I was getting a bit of a complex about that, everyone else was being updated and not little ol' me.

Anyway, if I stuff it up totally and never see any of you again, it's been nice knowing you. :-)

Before I go, Meshell informed me that I must share 6 weird things about myself.

  1. If I don't have a drink before I eat toast then I get the hiccups. Every time.
  2. I love spiders. I am the official spider catcher of the house.
  3. I swear like a trooper. I show some restraint out loud away from home, but I swear a lot - on the inside
  4. I talk to myself. All the time. I have whole conversations with myself on occasion.
  5. My second toe is longer than my big toe. Steve has teased me about this toe for many many years and has in fact christened it Wilber Worm, but I have assured Steve that I am genetically superior in this vein and he should be the one getting worried.
  6. Now this one has been added at the insistence of my family. I deny it of course. Apparently one of them will say something to me and I wont hear them (they also reckon I'm deeef), but my brain must unconsciously listen because minutes later I will suddenly speak up with a great idea. And it's what they said to me 5 minutes ago. Apparently I do this often.
  7. I know I have a wee memory problem these days, if I ask anyone if they want a cup of tea, I will forget their answer, instantly. And I have to ask again. And I forget again. It usually takes 3 goes for it to sink in. It's because my mind is on greater things, like sewing.
  8. My looks (equivalent to a mild mannered middle aged craft person) defy my music taste. I lurve Heavy Metal music. Metallica and silverchair and Black Sabbath being my favourites. On more than one occasion people have expressed surprise at this. Let me tell you, heavy metal is very good to stipple quilt to!

Gawd, that's eight! Does this mean I'm weirder than most?

Ok, it's time. I must go and try to update this Blog......


Fel said...

I agree, I wouldn't have guessed the heavy metal thing, but hey, Metallica is gooood, right? :D

Have yet to do the Weird Things About Me thing. I should be surprised if I don't come up with more than six things as well. ;)

Lindsay said...

My mum does number six, except she answers questions minutes after they've been asked, at which point everyone has forgotten what they asked her.

Liz Needle said...

Hi Dy,

I share the longer big toe and the self conversations with you. I actually like talking to myself more than to other people. Probably because I don't argue with myself or disagree with my opinions. LOL


Anonymous said...

#3 Ditto