Monday, January 29, 2007

Fiscal Abandon

It was completely unecessary for me to indulge in the above. It's all Miss Dot's fault, she enticed me. :-) Spotlight Osborne Park is relocating and is flogging off all their stock at 50% off until Feb 8th. I needed to trek north of the river today, and as that placed me only 15 minutes from this store, well, I just had to go and have a look didn't I. The plan was to buy a stash of cushion inserts however that fell in a hole cos they'd sold out. So instead I bought a whole heap of DMC and Anchor variegated embroidery thread. I've just discovered these and being weak willed just had to buy them cos they are gorgeous. They were half price ok! A dozen zips, a few packs of needles and other assorted goodies and I left $32 poorer. But I saved $32 as well so there you go.

I've survived the move to Beta Blogger. Phew!


Fel said...

"I left $32 poorer. But I saved $32 as well so there you go."
I like that way of thinking. ;) Enjoy your lovely new thread!

jude said...

i just bought some dmc variagated floss yesterday, i am in love with it. you are lucky with such a find! enjoy!

neki desu said...

surviving blogger migration is an empowering feeling.

neki desu