Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Year Of Colour - Olive Green

This week's colour is Olive Green in the Flickr Year of Colour group.

This photo was taken in The Chinese Gardens, a green and gorgeous sanctuary in the heart of Sydney. It's quiet and peaceful and very very beautiful with loads of trees and water courses.

A friend of Steves grew this pumpkin and gave it to us. I think it's very pretty, I love the patterning on the stem. I shall admire it for a few more days, then it's into the pot!

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Penny said...

Dy I love your pumpkin, looks fantastic. I also like your 8 things about yourself, even at 67 I can relate to quite a few, I too have my 2nd toe longer than the big one, I also talk to myself, probably because there is not normally too many people to talk to here and yes I swear a bit too. Not quite into heavy metal but am an old rocker from way back. I have some painted cloth, just at the moment like stitching on the felt, easier to handle.