Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Year Of Colour - Scarlet

This week's colour for the Flickr Year of Colour group is scarlet. Bright red but with a hint of orange is the go.

As we have been blessed with an abundance of tomatoes from Steve's vegetable patch they had to have a look-in. This particular variety are called Grape Tomatoes, tiny little ones that are slightly enlongated. Sweet tasting and very firm and just perfect for salads.

Next is a plant from mum's garden. It's a type of succulent I think, called Red Hot Poker. It has quite a striking effect don't you think.

And finally, this is a shot taken in King's Park at the annual Wildflower Festival. It was a photographer's feast, so many gorgeous colours. I rather like the layers of colour in this photo and also liked the bright and cheery benches!

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