Monday, February 19, 2007

Another Cushion!

I love making cushions. They are a less formidable task than larger objects and I also like the hodge podge of cushion variety on the settee. Now this cushion is a hodge podge in itself, a regular riot of colour. Those of you who read my blog in its early days may well remember my foray into knitting - I started churning out many mitred squares in various colours and sizes. Well, FINALLY I made it up into a cushion yesterday. I backed the knit section with cotton fabric so it wouldn't stretch out of shape, and here it is...

It's bright isn't it!! Lucky for me that I love lairy stuff. Do you know it is the MOST comfortable cushion to lean into - soft and squashy and just right. The reason I had a go at mitred knitting was after Melody Johnson posted this on her blog - her cushions are one of the yummiest things I've ever seen!

And here is a close-up of knitting, for no reason apart from the fact that I like to amuse myself by taking macro photos. :-)


librarylass said...

That looks so yummy and squishy! I love the whole vibrancy of the thing.

lupinbunny said...

meshell sent me to this page, because i was thinking about mitred-squaring a cushion. yours are LOVELY! i'm thieving the idea of irregular sized squares. well, depends on how much work it takes me to figure out what size to make my squares so they all fit together.... but i INTEND to make irregular squares now.