Monday, February 26, 2007

It's Raining!!! Really Really Raining!

If you are Australian, you will understand my excitement over a seemingly mundane topic, but as we are in the middle of a massive drought, and it's bucketing down outside, I've been jumping up and down with glee for the last hour. And we've got PUDDLES!!! I had to run outside with my camera and take photos.

Just to give you some perspective over our parched gardens, I've been defrosting my freezer this morning, and an hour ago I was dutifully carting the buckets of ice outside and dumping them near a tree to give it an extra drink.

And we've had massive thunder, really big and continuous thunder with lots of lightning. The best thunder I've heard in years. There are other members of this house who do not share my enthusiasm however.

This is Pepper, who has been trying to dig a hole in this here corner and bury herself. And Maxie is under my chair shaking like a leaf. I sat down on the floor with them for a bit and they both perched themselves on my lap, whining and panting, needing mega TLC. The cat seems oblivious to all the fuss and it wandering around making a nuisance of herself.

But I'm so happy, the garden has been drenched. I even took my car out of the garage and parked it in the driveway for a free rinse!


Miss Dot said...

oh yes! fat rain! we had fat rain, that is what I call those drops that come down loud on the pergola roof, you know the sound? Minnie and I were enjoying that and wanted to run around in it but then the thunder came... not the thunder.. we then spent the next half an hour huddled together in the walk in robe... :-)

Fel said...

Oh, the poor dogs!
We finally had rain as well last night, but I wish we had more. I know, I'm not in Australia and we're not having a drought, but still - it's winter, and far too dry. :P So even though I'm faaaar away, I definitely understand your excitement!