Sunday, February 25, 2007

Take a Stitch Tuesday - Feather Stitch

As you can see by my journal entry, I was devoid of ideas for this stitch. Funny actually, as I quite like feather stitch, but I think because it's so nice as foliage or seaweed that I couldn't move beyond that.

I decided in the end to go with the flow and do foliage. I continued on with the piece I started using Algerian Eye stitch.

If you read my last TAST post, you may remember that the plan for this piece is part of the front of a napkin box, hence the odd shape. I'm also going to use the current stitch, fly stitch for this piece too, it's in progress at the moment, hopefully to be finished tomorrow which will have me up to date!


MaryB said...

Love the feather stitch foliage and the algerian eye - all the colours work well with the fabric - cannot wait to see the finished box.
Mary :-)

jude said...

beautiful stitching indeed. and nice background fabric too.