Saturday, April 28, 2007

Moan Moan Moan

I've been a bit out of sorts this week, having had a yucky dentist visit on Monday with drastic things done to two molars. Blah. Painkillers and much whinging have followed but things are starting to improve a bit. I have been, in short, a grump.

Steve has gone on a fishing adventure this weekend with 3 of his work mates. They were so excited leading up to it, like small boys. :-) They of course plan to buy food from the pub fill their stomachs with their abundant catch ;-)

I've been having a play with Photoshop this week, what do you think? I've seen a few examples of this lovely effect on Flickr, having a coloured focal point and the rest of the photo desaturated, so I had a go myself. The hardest part was drawing around this flower with the laptop touchpad mouse - not the best for precision use so it's a bit wonky round the edges. If anyone is interested I could try and do a Blog post on how I did it - leave a comment if you want me to.

I finished reading "Girl With A Pearl Earring" and enjoyed it very much - recommended.

Oh yes, and speaking of blog comments, I was mortified today to discover blog comments that I knew nothing about. I presumed that all comments were emailed to me automatically by Blogger but I found at least 4 comments left recently that didn't get emailed. I feel awful that that people have gone to the trouble to comment and I didn't know - I'm very sorry. I'll have to read the comments directly from my blog I think.

Well, I'm going to spend the evening trying to finish my ripple cushion I think. Or read maybe. I indulged myself in Elizabeth Zimmerman's "Knitting Without Tears" after reading many positive reviews - I wanted a book to try and help me understand knitting a bit more, so I'm not so scared of it. Do you know what I mean?

Well, that's it from grouchy old me, I promise to be happy happy joy joy next week ok. :-)


nuttnbunny said...

Hope the boys have fun pub crawling (I mean, fishin!)

Haven't picked up the spinning again... YET! I will get it though. Deferred for the moment. Thus is life with a 3 yr old :-)

Thanks for the email. Have a great time with Zimmerman.

JoWynn Johns said...

I would very much appreciate a blog post on how you used Photoshop to get this effect. I've struggled to learn how to use Photoshop for special effects and am in need of some help!


corina said...

I saw the movie "Girl With A Pearl Earring", lovely story! I would like a blog about how to make a great photo like you have:)

Jo in NZ said...

Dy, sorry to hear about the teeth problem...
my comments were going into my spam folder, check there.