Saturday, May 05, 2007

Here She Is - What's Her Name?

I picked her up yesterday. Isn't she lovely, she is a pre 1980 Ashford Traditional. She is gleaming after being oiled and she makes the most gorgeous purring noise when the flyer is whizzing around. And the foot treadle has a tiny little squeak that I find very endearing for some reason. Last night I sort of walked around her in a wide berth for a while, a bit scared. Then I had another read of the book I bought for reference. Then I stared at her a bit more, then I finally plucked up the courage to have a go.

I grabbed a handful of fleece, combed the ends, took a deep breath and had a try. After about 20 minutes of broken yarn and two left hands a sort of rhythm developed that I think is how it's meant to be, in a crude sort of way. Result is half a bobbin of sort of yarn... I think it's a bit overspun and it's a bit fuzzier than it's meant to be, but it's yarn! Today the aim is to spin another half bobbinful then have a go at plying them together. That is, when I can get a turn - Meshell has commandered her today - she is having a lovely time spinning some of the gorgeous hand dyed roving she has bought.

I'm dying to get mine plyed, having never attempted that before. And also, because I spun greasy fleece, I'm looking forward to washing it to see what effect that has on the spun yarn.... I wonder if that will fluff it up a bit maybe. Anyway, I'll post a few photos of my maiden attempt in the next post.

Now, one last thing, the spinning wheel is definitely a 'she', and she needs a name. Probably an old fashioned but strong/dependable sort of name. I can't think of one.
How about I throw this out to anyone that visits my blog: if you want, leave a comment with a suggestion of a name for her, and the one that I like the most will win a small giftie.

Oooo, it's so exciting learning a new thing! :-)


librarylass said...

She is a wonderful spinning wheel! Just beautiful!

As for names! I am so glad she is a she (too many 'hes' around have you noticed?

Lets see, Jessamine (Jasper is a tradition in our house) Pandora (because you don't know what you will spin next!)

Alas that is as good as I get.

Hope you find a name that sticks!


Knitting in Pink said...

I just had a contest on my blog to find a name for my new wheel. Her name is Willow. I have linked to the post with all the names that were suggested, maybe you'll find something good there!

Knitting in Pink said...

I'm not sure that the link worked. So you can go to my blog: and the post is dated May 01.

Lori said...

I am so jealous of your ventures with Meshell... Congrats on the new wheel.

I hope I can make more than one suggestion: Here are a few with reasons:

Rumplestiltskinia (maybe too long)
Agnes (like my cat)
Aileen (my favorite quilt store)
Gretta (because it is cute)
Beatrice (means bringer of joy - which seems to be what this wheel is doing)

Okay - i've over requested!

Good luck with the naming. Love your blog!

corina said...

I do not have a name, but maybe a goed link for you:
I wish you succes!

Ali Jane said...

I think she looks like a Bessie. :) She's old, but not ancient, and super cute.

I wish I had a spinning wheel, then I could be from Rumplestiltskin! Sadly I wouldn't be able to use anything I spin as I just can't get the hang of knitting anything!!

Jessica said...

Congrats on your wheel. I'm going to suggest Delilah. :D Good luck!

Papoosue said...

I think she looks like a 'Flossie'! Enjoy her, she looks wonderful.

Janice said...

St Catherine of Alexandria is the patron saint of spinners so I think you should call her Catherine - not to be shortened to Cathy as it has to stay bold and strong. Sounds good to me anyway

Janice said...

this is Janice from the above post. Forgot to leave my email addy

Tracy said...

elinor, perhaps? she's lovely!

Dy said...

Hey, this is excellent, loads of terrific names, thank you! Keep them coming, I'll decide in the next day or two. :-)

Ali Jane said...

I just wanted to say thankyou for your comments on my blog! You've made my day. I can't wait for your next post. I found your blog through Meshell, I wish my mum was as creative as you! xox

Ali J

lupinbunny said...

i had a rocking horse made by Ashford when I was a kid. I creatively named my rocking horse Ashleigh. You could do the same for your wheel.

Also, according to, 'Topper' is a name for a girl or a guy, that in Old English referred to the person who 'attached the wool to the distaff for spinning'.

Zihna means 'spins' in a Native American language (and is quite pretty, I think. and it's a girl name).

Cala means craft or skill in Sanskirt (girl name).

Mariko, Morgan and Morgana (all girls) all mean circle/ great circle.

Miss Minnie said...

OMG! I was thinking Flossy as well! of course I think "Minnie the Spinny" works well but I am biased... best of luck.

Fel said...

Hm, seems like my first comment got lost.
For some reason "Emily" popped into my head. She is beautiful though, no matter what name. :)

Drewzel said...

I think she's a Sylvia.

Anonymous said...

I think Pearl sounds lovely - quite a serene name and very precious.

Elizabeth said...

I suggest Vertris. It's a good old fashioned name. (It's so old fashioned that most people don't even know it is a name, much like many people don't even what a spinning wheel is for.)

MsLizzF said...

How about Gertrude....she looks like a Gertrude or Gerti.

Anonymous said...

I remember the first time I spun on my grandmother's Ashford - all I could think was WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Have fun with her, whatever her name is!

inkberryblue said...


I thought of the names Aurora (as in Sleeping Beauty) and Elspeth.

I inherited a spinning wheel last year. I haven't spun anything with her yet but I'm looking forward to gaining some inspiration from you and Meshell.