Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I Estimate 5 Years For The Jumper

It went like this...
Meshell: nag nag nag (over the past week), we have to visit Bilby Yarns, they have cool stuff - yarn, roving, fleece, spinning wheels, bits and bobs

Me, beaten down by the constant nagging: Ok, let's go

Arrive at said Bilby Yarns
Me, hissing under my breath: We are just looking Meshell, we are not buying ANYTHING. In particular we are not buying a spinning wheel, we are raw beginners and need to learn our craft before making frivolous purchases of expensive equipment

Lady in the shop: Anything I can help you with?
Me: I'm curious about the price of a new spinning wheel
Lady in the shop: They start around $570
Me: Oh (bugger)
Lady in the shop: But I have 3 or 4 second hand ones here, this is a nice one, why don't you sit down and have a try
Me: Ok, ooo, this has a lovely smooth motion
Lady in the shop: It's $120
Me: I'll buy it!

Pathetic isn't it. :-)

Me, upon arriving home: Steve, guess what, I'm going to knit you a jumper
Steve: Oh, that's nice
Me: See this bag of fleece.... and there is a spinning wheel to go with it
Steve: Riiiight

And Meshell is beside herself with joy, not quite believing that we have a spinning wheel when her mother sounded so stern and determined one step from the door of the shop. We have to wait til Thurday to pick it up, as the lady had to clean it up a bit.... she bought it from a hippy man from Margaret River and he left the cobwebs on it :-)

So, there you are then


kirsty said...

Hahahahahaha!! NOW I see where she gets it from. Didn't have a hope in hell, did she??!! I inherited a spinning wheel last year. You'll have to teach me how to use the thing!

Miss Dot said...

maybe he tried to spin hemp on it? bet it comes with good karma, best of luck.

Fel said...

"Me: See this bag of fleece.... and there is a spinning wheel to go with it"
Hahahaha! ;)
Well, looks like you're both going to spend a very comfy winter, spinning and knitting etc. Can we have "spinning action shots" sometime? :)

nuttnbunny said...


shula said...

Spinning Wheels.

Everyone should have one.

I love mine with all my heart.


windy angels said...

I agree - I.AM.SO.JEALOUS. GOOD FOR YOU! I can hardly wait to see. A friend of mine just got one too, a spinning wheel that is. They have two alpaca to go with it.
And thanks for the compliment on my journal quilt.

cruststation said...

That's a very pretty spinning wheel, have fun with it!