Saturday, August 18, 2007

Quilt Slide Show

A few of my quilting buddies have discovered this nifty Slide Show program which is rather fun and easy to use, so I just had to jump on the bandwagon! These are the quilts I've made over the 10 years I've been playing with patchwork.

It's amazing how we are so used to good quality digital photos these days. I can remember borrowing a digital camera from Steve's work to take photos of my early quilts, and being mega impressed that I didn't have to take a roll of film to the shop to be processed - that I could do it by myself. And at the time I thought the quality of photos was wonderful, but boy has photo quality come a long way, all those megapixels we have nowadays!

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Miss Dot said...

hey, check out this use of those clay faces you have been makin'