Monday, August 20, 2007

Blog Challenge - "Scatterday"

My quilting buddy Michelle and I have put our heads together and come up with a weekly Blog Challenge, called "Scatterday".

The Challenge title comes from Scattegories, the game upon which this challenge is loosely based and Saturday, the day you blog post your result.

We were intrigued by the A-Z of Meme that has been doing the rounds but have decided to do something with a twist. We both wanted to challenge each other to be more regular bloggers and take more photos. Hence our new challenge. Feel free to join in and please post and let us know you are doing it so we can come and peek at your blog.

Each week we'll choose 3 categories at random from out of our jar, and a random letter of the alphabet.

Here's the guidelines -

Take 3 photographs yourself, each one in some way representing each category, but the item or concept must start with the selected letter of the alphabet.

For example for the categories Food, Plants and Clothing and the letter B, they could be represented by a photo of bread, a photo of a begonia and a photo of a beanie. The challenge and the fun is to hunt down what you can use in your photographs!

Compile the three photos into a mosaic and post it to your Blog on Saturday. Add some text under the mosaic if you choose (particularly if you have been obtuse with your category reasoning!).

When Michelle and I post our mosaics on Scatterday we will also give the categories and letter for the following week's challenge. We will be returning used categories back into our jar so they will crop up more than once but with different letters. We thought we'd keep the categories fairly broad to start off with so it's not too hard! And how you interpret the category is up to you! :-)

Scatterday Week 1 - blog your mosaic on Saturday 25th August

Categories - Food, Animals, Sewing
Letter - L

Ok, off we go!! :-)


Crafty librarian said...

what a great idea - motivation to blog more often is something I definitely need - am off in search of unusual foodstuffs beginning with L now!


Dy said...

Great of you to join in crafty librarian, it should be fun!

Pennie & David said...

Oh I'm in for sure... LOVE a Challenge!! Pennie

Liz Needle said...

I'd love to join in, but haven't a clue how to make a mosaic or how to get it onto my blog.
Some work to do methinks.

katelnorth said...

looks like fun - not sure i'll join in this week while I'm on holiday, but I might well play in future. then again, perhaps I'll be inspired in Ireland...

Crafty librarian said...

hello - my post is up already - sorry to seem stupidly keen, but I'm off to york sans computer tomorrow for my birthday and will be doing birthday things all weekend with my friends in a birthday sort of manner - did I mention its my birthday tomorrow???

Hope you like my mosaic!