Friday, September 14, 2007

Scatterday Week 4

I'm a bit early I know, but I wont have time to blog in the morning cos I've got a plane to catch!
Well fellow Scatterdayers, what did you think of Q!!
I found it a bit tricky, and spent quite a while with the dictionary and encyclopedia on my lap, looking for a brainwave!

For Music I used a QUAVER or an eighth note. It's the first note in this piece of music, the one with the curly tail.

I squealed with delight when I worked out my Square Thing. As you can see it's a die, the face with 5 dots to be precise. And what has this to do with Q I hear you ask. Well, I found a cool word in the dictionary, and the word is QUINCUNX! Have you ever heard of it? Me neither! And it means "an arrangement of five objects within a square, with one at each corner and one in the middle". Just like the dots on the five face of the die. Yeehar!

For Clothing I decided on quilted items. And as I couldn't find anything relevant in the wardrobes I dug a couple of old family photos out. So, here we have an awkward 14 year old moi, at home recuperating post appendectomy, wearing a fetching QUILTED DRESSING GOWN, and 6 month old Meshell looking adorable in her QUILTED OVERALLS.

Week 5 should be a little less taxing with the letter B and the categories are "My Favourite Things", "Big Things" and "Shop".

I must excuse myself temporarily from Scatterdays for 2 weeks as I'll be swanning around on holiday in North Queensland, so check Michelle's blog for the letter and categories as she'll be the chooser of all! I'll do a catchup of my Scatterdays photos when I get back, all no doubt will be of a holiday flavour!

Byeeeee! :-)


Pennie & David said...

LOLOL just love it Dy, Quincunx!!! Now that's one out of left field and I have to admit I had a quilted dressing gown at about the same age :-)
LOVE next Scatterday and far tooooooo easy for me! Have a great time, cheers Pennie

Liz Needle said...

Quincunx!!!! What a beauty. Have to pull that one on my oh, so smart, Year 7s. Very clever Dy.

Enjoy Queensland.

Just watching the Collingwood/West Coast match - even. No, Collingwood get a goal. Extra time.Can't watch.

Di said...

Fantastic lateral thinking and detective work, Dy! Have a great holiday!

Di's SnippitS said...

Nicely done Dy. Have a great holiday and don't forget to keep an eye out for the BIG BANANA. Cairns has a BIG MARLIN as well :))

Michelle Watters said...

Oh you are too clever for me Miss. I can hear that squeal of delight from here. You have done very well. And I think you can SMS me your letters and categories for the next two weeks.

Nola said...

Yes, Dy, I *had* heard of quincunx - guess why? I had to find a way to explain the colouring on a Nine Patch block, once upon a time. You know how they can have five coloured squares or four in a cross? So I looked up what that layout was called and told people to put the specified colour in the quincunx layout. Then, d'oh, I realised I had to explain what quincunx meant, anyway!